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Viche 2009 7

Viche 7, 2009

The resources will follow the reform

Taking into consideration the experience of abusing of some norms of the active Budget Code in practice, and also the time requirements on the improving of some procedures in the budget process there was prepared a system bill…

Let's Set Rules which would Unite Ukraine

On March, 15 the elections to the Ternopil Regional Board took place. The party Svoboda (Freedom), having received thirty five percent of voices, got a convincing victory. With emotion of regret and sorrow I congratulate Mr Tyagnybok.

Oleg ZARUBINSKYI: I can See the Planned Campaign of Discredit of the Parliament

On March, 11 the Appeal of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada to the President and the members of the parliament was promulgated.

Scales of Ukrainian Themis Need Complete Overhaul

The parliamentary hearings About the Condition of Justice in Ukraine devoted to the development of legal reform aimed to define the strategy and the conception of reformation of the judicial system on the basis of the united bill About…

Comfort at Price of 160 Milliard. Will we Manage to Cope?

World economic crisis jeopardized the program of preparation to the conducting of the 2012 European football championship in Ukraine. State officers pretend that everything takes place in accordance with the previously concluded plan.

Lets Place Stake on Production of Food and Crisis will Step Back, Total Falling of Economy will Stop

Presently more frequently village is named a locomotive that will draw out related industries from the crisis and stop the total falling of economy.…

Two Reforms - one Disaster

Central power tends to carry out two large-scale reforms in Ukraine administrative and territorial reform and the reform of housing maintenance and utilities board.

Heat from Sewage does not Surprise Anyone

Workers of the Zaturyn cleansing sewage treatment plant, one of objects of the regional communal enterprise Poltavavodokanal, began to get heat from sewage for the first time.

Sun, Straw and Husk as the Alternative of Gas

Approximately one and half million tons of straw remain after harvest time on the fields of Vinnytsya. If it was used for production of heat, it could be enough for three (!) heating seasons.

Self-Governing is when you Initiate Good Businesses

Borys Duganov, the candidate of engineering sciences, was awarded with the honorable diploma of the State Committee of Ukraine on regulator policy and business activity. Borys G. Duganov has a lot of Rewards for Work.

The pain of Chornobyl

In April there will be 23 years from the Chorlobyl catastrophe. Viche has prepred the answers to the most ask questions about the consequences of the biggest disaster in the history of atomic energy.

Who serves the church rituals, but still is a sinner, wont win

Ukraine in its relationships with church now is more distant from the Soviet model of strict separation. Now it is a partnership.

The pirate or the original

23 of April the international day of books and copyrights. It is a fact, that in Ukraine, the copyright market and adjoining rights are in the shadow.

The lingual question spoiled us?

We are now facing the 50 annyversary of a very sad event.

They conquer the sky

The National aviation university (NAU) the multiprofile higher educational science complex for its 74-year history has trained around 150 000 specialists for many fields of the state economy and for more then 140 countries of the world in…

If only we had the hawks wings

The intensions of the Cabinet of Ministers to change the uniform traffic Code in its part of raising the average speed have rapidly soread the opinions of the drivers and the specialists in the field of traffic safety, the…

Drive safely!

The Ukrainian association of drivers celebrates 35 The nowadays life is hardly imagined without a car. The statistic shows that our state has every forth citizen owing a vehicle in his garage or back yard.

The character multiplied to the luck

The citizen of Poltava Olga Suhotynska the only woman in Ukraine that leads the regional association of the drivers (UAD).

Only while driving I can relax and reduce stress

Stable, energetic, successful about women like her they usually say a strong woman. Olena Shcherbakova the director of the driving school in the Donetsk region organization of the Ukrainian association of drivers.