Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

Two Reforms - one Disaster

Central power tends to carry out two large-scale reforms in Ukraine administrative and territorial reform and the reform of housing maintenance and utilities board. However, they seem to be waited for a long time, because there is going to be the insuperable obstacle - large cost estimates.

The administrative and territorial reform is not only being spoken about a lot in Ukraine, but it is also used at the state level of certain arrangements directed on its preparation. In 1994 the President by the decree formed the special commission which worked out its conception for several years. However, no actions were taken further on. Finally the question was brought up back to life by the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on the questions of state building and local self-government, having organized the hearing Conceptual Bases of the Reform of Local Self-Government and Administrative-Territorial Mode, which was conducted by the chairman of the Committee Oleksandr Omelchenko.


The head of the Ministry of Regional Development and Building Vasyl Kuibida grounded the necessity of high-quality transformations in the industry. He reported that a number of important conceptual documents which can become basis for realization of reform have been developed in the Ministry.