Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

Let's Set Rules which would Unite Ukraine

On March, 15 the elections to the Ternopil Regional Board took place. The party Svoboda (Freedom), having received thirty five percent of voices, got a convincing victory. With emotion of regret and sorrow I congratulate Mr Tyagnybok.

Commenting on the results of voting, political scientists foremost mention that the victory of Tyagnybok is a defeat of Tymoshenko. Confusions in the economy and most of all panic caused by continuous repeat of the word crisis have done their stuff. From an irrefutable leader the BYT has become an outsider. 8 percent of bulletins thrown in for the BYT is, frankly speaking, disgrace for the block which was recently going to create the two-party system together with the Party of Regions. The second conclusion is that the system of political leadership, which has been dominating for last four years, is falling to pieces now. Arseniy Yatsenyuk is making a claim for being a new messiahs. But for many reasons its rather clear that Mr Tyagnybok can break limbs of the white donkey on which Yatsenyuk is going to ride in Pechersk. The third conclusion is that 14 percent of support of Unique Centre and 10 of the Party of Regions are unexpected. Concerning Unique Centre all commentators share the opinion that the reason for its success is if not falsifications then at least the usage of advantages of administrative offices. And success of the Party of Regions is the result of the same disappointment in the BYT.