Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

They conquer the sky

The National aviation university (NAU) the multiprofile higher educational science complex for its 74-year history has trained around 150 000 specialists for many fields of the state economy and for more then 140 countries of the world in the perspective areas and directions. Among the graduates of the university are the famous scientists, industrialists, the heads of different enterprises, organizations and institutions.

The history of NAU has started in 1933 with the broad development of the native plane building industry. And this required a lot of qualified specialists. Thats why the bill of the Heads of USSR from Aug. 25 has stated to created the Kyiv aviation institute.  During the its existence the institution has changed the name several times. The recent National Aviation University  it gained in 2000, when counting the international and national honor of the results it got in its work, its major contribution in the development of the national higher education and science it was honored by the bill of President with a status of National. Today it has 17 institutes, 20 faculties, 10 science-research structures and centers, 7 colleges, 3 liceums and one gymnasium that are attended by over 50 000 of students and listeners. Among them over 1200 foreign citizens from 51 country. They are taught by 16 academicians, corresponding members of the NASU, 270 PH doctors, 117 honored figures of science and technics of Ukraine and the winners of the State Prizes.

From 2008 the university was head by president, PHD in technical science, Professor Mykola Kulyk. Mykola Serhiyovych was born on Jan. 13, 1952 in the village Gelmiaziv, Cherkasy region. In 1978 he graduated from the Kyiv institute of the civil aviation engineers (from 1994 Kyiv international university of civil aviation from 2000 it is called National aviation university). He put all his lige in this institution, took his way from the regular engineer to the president. In 1986 he has defended his master thesis, in 1993 PHD. The major contribution to the science was the development of the range of informational technologies that helped to improve the safety and durability of the air crafts.

M. Kulyk has trained 4 PHDs and 12 candidats of technical sciences. He is the author of numerous researches, books, manuals.

The famous achievements of Mykola Kulyk are highly valued in Ukraine he is the honored personality in the science and technics (20030, the winner of state prize of Ukraine (2005).

He has a medal on his account For the support of Ukrainian Military forces, the medal of the Ukrainian national committee of International Board of Trade. He also got honorary from the Ministry of science and education of Ukraine..