Журнал Viche 2009 №7

№7, 2009

If only we had the hawk’s wings

The intensions of the Cabinet of Ministers to change the uniform traffic Code in its part of raising the average speed have rapidly soread the opinions of the drivers and the specialists in the field of traffic safety, the human right activists. Because the government bill (if it will be ratified of course), will allow to drive at the speed of 70-90 kmh, instead of 60 according to the old standard. Outside the city the limit will allow to accelerate up to 130 kmh, instead of former 90, and the highways will allow full 150. As they say – the road to hell is proved with good intensions.
Among the ones, who thinks of those changes to be ridiculous, our guest – the member of the public collegiums of the safety traffic under the department of SAI of MIA of Ukraine, professional driver With 50 years of experience – Oleksandr Fomenko