Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

Who serves the church rituals, but still is a sinner, wont win

Ukraine in its relationships with church now is more distant from the Soviet model of strict separation. Now it is a partnership. It is understandable now, that without the church authority it will be hard to solve a lot of social problems in the state. The Patriarchy of Kyiv and **** Ukraine and Rus Saint Filaret shares his opinion on this matter.

Dear brothers and sisters! I sincerely congratulate you with the great holiday Christs Easter. I wish you from the name of the Risen Christ big and rich deeds to all of the devout Christians that are gladly taking part in the life of the Church.

Let the Risen Lord with His glory strengthen our attempts to live and to work in the name of the Church and our native Ukraine, keep the Christian faith, to be patient in the challenges, to want peace and harmony and, as it is said in the St, Pauls teaching bear the hardships of each other.

The shine of the Christs Resurrection will give us the holy power to break all the hardships that came on our way, and give the chance to become the community in the future eternal life and we will always glorify the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.