Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

Heat from Sewage does not Surprise Anyone

Workers of the Zaturyn cleansing sewage treatment plant, one of objects of the regional communal enterprise Poltavavodokanal, began to get heat from sewage for the first time. The head of Zaturyn plant Ivan Mystyuk is convinced there is nothing difficult in it.

Method of heating is based on the principle of geothermal system. The temperature of sewage runoffs, which are pumped over by the pump station from Poltava, makes 1621 degrees during a year. It is only needed to lend the part of heat. For this purpose in concrete bottoms through which water flows to the filter reservoirs workers laid four kilometer polyethylene pipes of small diameter and filled them with clean water, having formed the primary contour of thermal pump. Water in pipes is heated due to warm sewage water and is moved on a thermal pump which works on the principle of refrigerator and converts low-potential thermal energy into high-potential one (refrigerator circulates between heat-exchanging  apparatus and compressor and it  emits high temperature during the pressure. Then it is transferred to the next heat-exchanging apparatus condenser that heats the contour of the system of heating or of warming water). Temperature of the transmitter at the output is 4060 degrees Celsius.