Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

Drive safely!

The Ukrainian association of drivers celebrates 35

The nowadays life is hardly imagined without a car. The statistic shows that our state has every forth citizen owing a vehicle in his garage or back yard. The car became not the piece of luxury but the safe tool of movement.

But this total automobilization has its own negative points. According to the World organization of health care, over 1,2 million of people die every year in car accidents, and over 50 million get injured. The everyday figures in Ukraine can be compared with the losses during the war. It is hard to believe but it s a sad truth. You can go in any direction through the country now everywhere you can see the monuments near the road, wreaths, and flowers. In this way in Ukraine people perpetuate the memory of victims of the car accidents.

As the results of the researches show the main figure in the chain car-road-driver is a driver. Because first of all the safety on the roads depends on his professional accuracy, technical knowledge, his respect to the traffic rules and to the other drivers.

When this material was prepared for the issue, our crew got very sad news: Mykola Yukhymovych Tydorenko has died untimely. We couldnt believe this but it is a fact.

The head of the Ukrainian association of the drivers has many times ave an interview to our magazine, with his fundamental materials about the safety of the traffic and the role of the state in such processes. He shared his opinion about the further development of the of the drivers associations in Ukraine.

He was a real friend of our team; he initiated the intereting projects and helped to organize them. We had many common plans

The editing crew sends sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Mykola Tydorenko. We will keep those bright memories of him in our hearts through the lifetime.

Vekola Tydorenko