Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

The pirate or the original

23 of April the international day of books and copyrights.

It is a fact, that in Ukraine, the copyright market and adjoining rights are in the shadow. Everybody get used to the fact that Ukrainian writers, composers, singers do not get the appropriate profit. For the last 5 years the number of inventors and rationalizers came down for about 13, 8 %.
In spite of all the contracts on partnership and cooperation between the Ukraine and European Union plus the requirements on the Civil Code to synchronize the native legislation (especially about the copyrights and adjoining rights) with the European legislation there were no such ill ratified by the Verkhovna Rada up to this day. Around the Ukrainian legislation now appears more fights and disputes then during all the recent years, starting 1993, when the Law about copyright and adjoining rights was ratified (the new version from July 11, 2001).

Svitlana Filonenko