Viche 2009 7

7, 2009

Comfort at Price of 160 Milliard. Will we Manage to Cope?

World economic crisis jeopardized the program of preparation to the conducting of the 2012 European football championship in Ukraine. State officers pretend that everything takes place in accordance with the previously concluded plan. However, the parliamentary hearings conducted by the vice-chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Mykola Tomenko showed the real state of affairs.

Accomplishment of four year Plan of Actions on the preparation to Euro-2012, which contains 500 objects of infrastructure, will cost almost 160 billion hryvnyas. Meanwhile the state has to give 27.5 billion (17 percent), local budgets 23 billion (14 percent), the essential money - 70 percent (110 billion UAH) will be put on private investors. It was announced at the hearing About Organization and Conducting of the Final Part of the 2012 European football championship by the Vice-Prime Minister Ivan Vasyunyk.


The Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on the questions of family, youth policy, sports and tourism Pavlo Kostenko informed the audience that the important legislation about realization of the guarantees given to the European Football Associations has been already taken as a basis - it is being prepared by the special-purpose committee for subsequent consideration at the session hall.