Viche 2007 1

Viche 1, 2007

Save and keep in safe

Harry at ascent of year, fuss, trumpery, nervousness - all these is already passed. We said sincere warm words to each other, wished peace and happiness, forgave and became softer. Christmas fairy-tale made us better.

Everybody can bungle

Political provinciality of 2006 year A.D. The sixth year of the third millennium A.D. passed. The Ukrainian independence was fifteen years. Two years of presidency of Victor Yushchenko came to the end.

Budgetary process: display of common sense or provocation?

On December, 19 the Verkhovna Rada passed the Act About the State budget of Ukraine on 2007 year after bringing some amendments in it. The president Victor Yushchenko signed it on December, 22.

State and municipal press is in expectation of reformation

Pparliamentary committee on the questions of freedom of speech and information prepared a bill concerning editorial freedom of state and municipal press in the process of state separating.…

Ukraine will be successful only as the state of politically and economically independent people

The Allukrainian referendum took place on December, 1,1991 and 90,32 percent of citizens, who took part in voting, supported the Act of proclamation of independence of Ukraine. Since that time more than 15 years have passed.

Observance of civil liberties and human rights is to become our national idea

In any world country the parliament is the representation of nation. And deputy is its elective servant. We have changed the system today, having made the servants of the parties, not deputies.

Peps! and Martin are forbidden

The author of these lines knew by chance about the existence of the Antimonopoly committee museum.

Sieges on the roads

Kyivrada (Kyiv city council) simply and effectively solved the problem of unauthorized parking of cars on the Kievan roads. Presumably, the time to share a prominent experience has come.

State grants for municipal initiators

The allukrainian competition of projects and programs of development of local self-government was established in 2002 year on initiative of participants of municipal movement.

To pay or not to pay... or How to outlive tariffs?

The question of correspondent of periodical Viche was answered by Vasyl Yastrubynskyi, the chief of the Central directorate on the questions of price policy of Kyiv state municipality, candidate of economic sciences, honored economist of Ukraine.

Gas now does not warm up air, while burning

In Zaporizhzhya the Conception of the program of energypreserving is ratified in the municipal services for 20062010 years. We asked the city chairman Yevhen KARTASHOV to comment on it.…

Local authority has to be pragmatic

World practice, and experience of post communistic countries, in particular, which presently entered the European Union, testifies: Ukraine will be able to turn to the system of effective national responsible power, only having complemented the state authority with effective…

Aura and the thing that does not burn in atmosphere

One respected man (to say the truth, only due to appointment) at the very serious conference that took place in Zhytomyr caused the laughter in a hall.

Are you going to visit Trakhtemyrov? What for?

If there are tears on the bottoms of the Ukrainian eyes, they should be wept out here on the height, where two crosses stand The higher one was created by nature, the lower one was put by people.

Carpathians riding high

Due to the revival of horses -"hutsulykiv" a new type of active tourism developes in Carpathians We convinced of this together with two dozens of journalists in the press-tour "Prospect of development of equestrian tourism in Carpathians", which was…

For snow to Antarctic Continent, or All is "head over heels there"

The Young artist brought the sketches for the new-year calendar 2007 to the National Antarctic scientific center (NASC). All were pleased by pictures with a short philosophical sentences in relation to every month.

Ammonia, silver and gold

New Year... Smell of a fir-tree, mandarines, fir-tree marbles, carefully wrapped up with a paper because they are such a fragile...

A pinching wanderings into the childhood

The history and development of humanity can be traced by studying of the childrens' toys. Young people become adults and toy airplanes replace a real ones. And its good if they are civil and not military.…

"Rozetta" and "Fily" go to the comet of ChuryumovHerasymenko

Rocket has started at 9 o'clock 17 minutes according to Kyiv time Presently, when all are yet overcrowded with gladnesses of a new-year holidays, in the depths of Universe the space vehicle of "Rozetta" wanders with the module "Fily"…

A red wild Boar brings a luck even on the thirteenth floor

On February 17, 2007 comes year of a Red wild Boar. Personally I behaved tranquil because I try to follow the traditions, the root of which traces back to a native and ancient times.

Another a not very much optimistic year

Look at the horoscope of the first day of 2007. He was made on a moment, when year's energy gets the first initiation. We may look at the year as on personality with its signs and temper.

Akolada, bow, kisses, or Some elements culture of communication

New-year epilogue, or be yourself

Do we change in this changeable world?

The peculiar feature of the period we go through is that stability everywhere gives way to endless changes, instability.

Ruling force

Formation and work of parliamentary coalition on the basis of ruling majority: world practice and Ukrainian realities All world parliaments work for the increase of efficiency of legislative process, strengthening of influence of parliaments on political life of society.…

Groups of interests in politics: experience of typologization

Typologization of groups of interests which are represented in modern politics, acquires status of scientific problem because of such reasons.

From the agreements of Ukrainian Central Council to the Agreement of national unity: political and lawful measuring

The year 2006 went down in the newest history of the state and law of Ukraine with significant events: coming into force of the amendments to the Constitution that foresaw transition to the presidential-parliament republic; holding on elections to…