Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

Observance of civil liberties and human rights is to become our national idea

In any world country the parliament is the representation of nation. And deputy is its elective servant. We have changed the system today, having made the servants of the parties, not deputies. And in this way the relationships between electors and those, whom they give power, have been depersonalized! Steps made confidently by the political reform add economic weight to the regions, but will they be able to replace by itself a representation in the power? Who will lobby where now one shall go from it! ideas necessary to the regions at national level and watch after the observance of justice? Who will, in case of something, become impartial and if you want a non-party judge in the vexed questions?

Exactly today in order to preserve the remains of peoples respect to power, which is tearing itself away from it more and more, it is time to get back to the results of the April referendum, and to the idea of bicameral parliament (it is important in order then to increase the mentioned respect!). The second chamber that can be called, for example, the chamber of regions or national gathering, has to represent the interests of regions - AR Crimea, regions, Kyiv and Sevastopol cities. And it has to have the proper functions for realization of the real influence on a legislative process and national policy! Such approach is confirmed by the article 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine: People carry out power directly and through public authorities and organs of local self-government.

So, chamber can be formed by the organs of local self-government of territorial societies of corresponding regions by delegation of its representatives.