Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

Sieges on the roads

Kyivrada (Kyiv city council) simply and effectively solved the problem of unauthorized parking of cars on the Kievan roads. Presumably, the time to share a prominent experience has come. How to deprive from cars that are left by irresponsible drivers without increasing the number of parking places. They have to be scared! Scared by evacuators (usually two or three cars come and make greater impression) drivers look regretful looking on somebody's helpless four-wheel friend which was brushed and lifted. Usually there is no need to depart in the taken car the frightened proprietor runs out on a street and persuades to let out his ferrous horse on will. Depending on the volume of engine cars property of Faith costs from 100 to 400 hryvnyas. And if it was forcedly taken on special carevacuator of transport vehicle on the specially equipped ground, one will have to pay for the run of evacuator from 8 to 30 hryvnyas per a 1 kilometre.

Kateryna KOROL'