Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

"Rozetta" and "Fily" go to the comet of ChuryumovHerasymenko

Rocket has started at 9 o'clock 17 minutes according to Kyiv time

Presently, when all are yet overcrowded with gladnesses of a new-year holidays, in the depths of Universe the space vehicle of "Rozetta" wanders with the module "Fily" which for the first time has to land on the famous comet of ChuryumovHerasymenko. This news has become a possession of all humanity already. And here we are in the modest cabinet of the known astronomer, professor of the Kyiv national university of Taras Shevchenko, a doctor of physical-mathematical sciences Clym CHURYUMOV.On the edge of his large and made in the last century writing-table lied the newest information about the space vehicle "Rozetta" and his module "Fily", which belong to the European space agency.

A First flight to the comet of ChuryumovHerasymenko

  Dear Klym Ivanovych, in 1969 a whole world heard a report about discovering of  "a tail traveler" which was called: a short-period comet of ChuryumovHerasymenko. And here again this name is repeated on different languages. What entailed such interest?
It would not be desirable to use such words, but I have to say so : for the first time in the history of world cosmonautics the apparatus is launched and its module has to land down on a hard part of the comet. Launching with the help of rocket "Arian-5" was appointed on February 26, 2004. It had to be  in French Guiana on the space center of Kuru. Unfortunately the wind has risen, a tropical rain began so the launching was put off. Day passed. All of participants of an international project including me completed preparation for the launching.

Did you keep the Validol just in case ?
  Forgot about him. Its true I happen to worry: it appeared unexpectedly that the piece of thermal protection fallen off a rocket. We promtly began to remove a defect. Finally came March 2. At 9 o'clock 17 minutes after Kyiv time a rocket started. My heart certainly roused oneself but I believed: a launching will be successful.
In two hours from a rocket vidednavsya vehicle of Rozetta and, opening out multimeter sun batteries, started to the fly to the comet which twirls round a Sun.

Why named so: "Rozetta", "Fily"? What mission must they execute?

Its name from famous Rozets'kiy stone, texts on which gave the key for decoding of Egyptian scripts . And Fili are islands on Nile.I Hope, apparatus will reach the kernel of the comet. It contains a primary substance. The substance remained unchanged since creation of the Planetary system.

Why do scientists study 215 planets so attentively

And what it certifies? 
Space is very diverse, lavish in surprises and riddles. In the same it is typical and  monotonous. Exactly  the repetition of objects  grounds to assume that earthcivilization is  not single in spaces. Let's look on the figures. According to a preliminary estimates  there are only over 200 billion of stars in our Galaxy. There are many ojects similar to Earth round them. Scientists study 215 planets because life on them is quite possible.
I may give you a more detailed information as a director (holding two jobs) of the Kyiv planetarium. Those who will visit us will get to know about the newest space discoveries and the Universe. 
Once there was a vehicle a "planetarium" -  is an original machine for demonstration of stars and a celestial phenomena. Presently planetarium ( it was opened on January 1, 1952) is the a real scientific establishment and original multimedia center which enables every visitor to feel himself the competent inhabitant of the star worlds.