Журнал Viche 2007 №1

№1, 2007

Carpathians – riding high

Due to the revival of horses -"hutsulykiv" a new type of active tourism developes in Carpathians

We convinced of this together with two dozens of journalists in the press-tour "Prospect of development of equestrian tourism in Carpathians", which was organized by a "Carpathians. Tourism. Rest" magazine.

"A horse is a very clever animal, – an instructor tells. – It understands words, reacts on intonation. In any case do not be afraid. Horse feel a man and does not obey fearful people".

Appearance of konyky, as well as other things in Carpathians, local people explain with legends. Researchers did not yet come to the agreement in relation to the origin of "hutsulyks". The connoisseur of horse evolution Ernst Hakl' considered

"gutsulyk"  the descendant of tarpan – a wild representative of Ukrainian steppes, for good and all exterminated in the second half of the ХІХ century.