Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

Ukraine will be successful only as the state of politically and economically independent people

The Allukrainian referendum took place on December, 1,1991 and 90,32 percent of citizens, who took part in voting, supported the Act of proclamation of independence of Ukraine. Since that time more than 15 years have passed. What has changed in our country?

It is already obvious today that independence and democracy play a significant role in Ukraine. At the same time our state continues to be disconnected, unstable and unpredictable. That is why the necessity in forming and realization of new political and socio-economic strategy of development of Ukraine is urgent. The increase of degree of human development of country, that is achievement of a new quality of life of citizens, introduction of social, economic and democratic European standards of vital functions of person, society and state are to be in the basis of this strategy.
However the present political elite has not yet offered the real strategic plan for the future of Ukraine.

Both teams during everyday work conduct probably the fight for authority than for the values of society. Yushchenkos team, in spite of the fact that in its time it voted for acceptance of constitutional reform with its full complement, only after diminishment of plenary powers of the President understood that the Constitution in force was not effective.