Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

Are you going to visit Trakhtemyrov? What for?

If there are tears on the bottoms of the Ukrainian eyes, they should be wept out here on the height, where two crosses stand

The higher one was created by nature, the lower one was put by people. The living cross-tree and the ferrous made by hands cross crown the glorious past and at the same time symbolize that there is invisible and that is why imperishable remains under them, and around them there is ashes of victories, performances, glory.
In the places where the echo of swift flight of battles is still felt, the journalists of Viche together with the partner of project Hetman capitals, through Cossack ways the Winner Imports company overcome kilometers almost by two horse sotnyas Land Rover Discovery 3. The project set up in December 2006 continues...

Saga about the way landlords area absorbed state preserve

In what way did it all happen? Why did wild boars predominate in historical places? Where are they, those 4465 hectares of inviolable acres? It turned out that in accordance with the order of Cherkasy regional state administration of the 8-th of September,1999 by 334 the preserve got only 590 hectares between Bychak and Hryhorivka villages of Kanivskyi district. The territory was decreased secretly and it was made so because another decree concerning creation of a landscape park Trakhtemyriv was prepared simultaneously.

While research workers and public gave the alarm, enormous acres in Prydniprovska height of not only Kaniv district, but also Myronivka district that are in Kyiv region, were given to unstate - the first and unique in Ukraine! landscape park. The decrees of boards of neighbouring regions turned out to be synchronous and of the same type: Kyiv board ratified the decree on February, 17, 2000 (168/10), and Cherkasy board on February, 26, 2000 (14-14). Since then almost all Prydniprovska height has placed under the authority of the close corporation The agrarian and ecological association Trakhtemyriv. It has happened for the first time in the history of Ukraine.