Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

Everybody can bungle

Political provinciality of 2006 year A.D.

The sixth year of the third millennium A.D. passed. The Ukrainian independence was fifteen years. Two years of presidency of Victor Yushchenko came to the end. The year of validity of presidential-parliamentary republic was completed. The year 2006 stepped back, in which the first Verkhovna Rada was elected according to the proportional system...

This year was momentous according to all signs. Separate among mentioned landmarks stun with its inculcation in the soil of the Earth. Other, against their background, seem to be only child's pyramid, toy which is possible to twist in hands that way and every way, which can be lost easily and then cleaned for a long time, being found in a dust behind a sofa. Certainly, discourteous comparison of two millenniums plus six years with a number of political innovations certain reasons for a nervous breakdown. Discourteous. However there is to be an indisputable standard for comparison. You do remember the Cossack temple in the novel Cathedral by Oles Honchar, which rose above the highest point of the Zaporozhian district. And whatever way a man went, whatever path wandered, the crosses could be seen on the dome from everywhere. To see a dome one should to have good eyesight and time for looking round. Presently we look underfoot more often. And we compare fuss only with vanity. But still lets cast a glance at past 365 days. Because the Earth is round and the things left behind the back lay at the same time ahead.

Photo: Signing of the Agreement of national unity is the political rubicon of 2006