Журнал Viche 2007 №1

№1, 2007

For snow to Antarctic Continent, or All is "head over heels there"

The Young artist brought the sketches for the new-year calendar 2007 to the National Antarctic scientific center (NASC). All were pleased by pictures with a short philosophical sentences in relation to every month. On a background of a picturesque Antarctic landscape, neat with a taste, four seasons of a year were reflected with their natural features. But suddenly the director of center Valeryi Arkadiyovych Litvynov smiling asked: "And are you sure, that the this severe landscape suits the state of sea near the banks of our station in January?"
To tell the truth, we faded away a bit, because forgot to remind to an author: the South hemisphere climatic conditions substantially differ from our middle breadths, and that is why it will be necessary to bring some corrections to the calendar. On the eve of a new-year holidays an aquatorium rids of ice and and sun begins burn. And in generally all is "head over heels" there, beginning from the Moon.

Volodymyr BOCHKAR'OV