Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

Save and keep in safe

Harry at ascent of year, fuss, trumpery, nervousness - all these is already passed. We said sincere warm words to each other, wished peace and happiness, forgave and became softer. Christmas fairy-tale made us better. Because we all expect for a miracle. We address ourselves to sky, set hopes upon the Most High. The most ranked chosen one and the most powerful official, and every average person identically look forward to warmth, emotional getting up and at the same time to peace of mind, confidence, prosperity, health, amorousness and love. We think of a desire, because we believe in magic of these new-year days and nights: the way you celebrate the New Year, so you will conduct it. How did we celebrate it? In expectations of veto? And what is waiting for us? Tests? All pages of a new-year Viche are about it.

And that is why I will say what is not desirable. What if these words and in Gods ears? Save and keep in safe from quarrels and scandals near our hearth and in the fireside of the political kitchen. From a corrida, cock fights, fisticuffs and fights without rules. Rescue us from a brick falling on our head, from shudder of breech-blocks and slippery banana rinds Do not lead astray and into dimness of mind, in the game of the fate of country, rescue from craftiness of power and its feebleness. Give wisdom to it, and give will to us.


Ivan BOKYI (the SPU faction):

2007 year will not be swinish


Ukraine waits for a large test in a political sphere. At least because one of the sides of political competitions, namely secretariat of President, tries to break the political reform in any way. I do not think that one can manage to abolish it, because then the third round of presidential elections would be needed to be abolished.


Vyacheslav KYRYLENKO (the NSU faction):

I do not see an optimistic scenario


If the government continues confrontation actions, the situation will develop in a very complicated manner. I do not see the optimistic scenario of development of events in parliament. And pessimistic one is the present one. There is an arithmetic majority which reaches any decision, even if it exceeds the bounds of the Constitution. And there can be the dismissal of parliament in 2007.


Yevheniy KYSHNARYOV (faction of Party of regions):

I hope nobody will do the dirty on us


The year will be critical. There are some people in the Presidents surrounding who push him on the way of confrontation and power solving of problems. And radical opposition is leveled at more powerful political crisis at any price, or at the conducting of pre-term elections. Antirecessionary coalition sees and understands it. And that is why the considered policy with concrete socio-economic results is possible to be contrasted to it.


Oleksandr TURCHYNOV (the BYT faction):

Hopes on a new team


We are to correct the committed mistakes. The matter concerns the pre-term parliamentary elections, in particular. Id like the Ukrainians selected the parliament which is not for sale, and accordingly there was a government which works in countrys favour. It will be the main event of 2007 year. Id like this prognosis was carried out. What concerns economy I have hopes on a new team. We prepare it. We will not promise much, but we will do more.


Petro SYMONENKO (the CPU faction):

I recommend to talk not about prices, but about welfare


Political prognosis depends on what intentions will be realized by the representatives of different political forces being at power. It seems to me that the antirecessionary coalition has proved and realizes presently together with a government the ability to organize business. I hope so will be in 2007.