Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

Do we change in this changeable world?

The peculiar feature of the period we go through is that stability everywhere gives way to endless changes, instability.
Consequently, realities

Average Ukrainian became taller, has more wide shoes and more burlier body

For the last five years the amount of Ukrainian customers, who are ready to pay more for expensive, but ecologically clean products, grew almost on 20%. According to questioning - 57% of habitants of Ukraine.

It is difficult for a modern teenager to respect a father who does not know how to work with e-mail

and prognoses

Economists, certainly, are not able to foresee scientific progresses that can change the face of civilization. But it is in their competence to glance for 15 years in future. So, prognoses within the limits of operating socio-economic paradigm are grounded enough and can be useful to marketing [5].

* French and American specialists consider that video cassettes will put stop to their existence in 2007. DVD will be their killers, which have many advantages over them. Many large companies gradually switch exceptionally to the address output of cassettes. A videotape recorder and cassettes remain in nurseries for the longest time, it is explained by their cheapness and simplicity.

* B. Gaits foresees a rapid end to television (2010) in its today's format. In his interpretation a television set will change into the variety of a computer connected with Internet (or with other network). User will make the individual program of broadcast, which he will get at comfortable for him time. But B. Gaits prognosis seems to be premature for us. The word will be said also by TV-advertisement and various systems of brain-washing. To our opinion, nothing threatens the existence of television (at modern level of technologies) for the nearest 50 years.

* Well-known Internet specialist H. Carry (Finland) considers that electronic junk mail and viruses will bury modern Internet in 2007. Electronic junk mails today make up 80 % of sixe of e-mail already.

* Experts of such companies as Kodak are convinced that cameras with films will finally disappear in 20072008 and they will be fully replaced by digital. Till that time prices on a digital photographic technique will touch in prices on a technique with films. A traditional cinema will disappear gradually. In many films even now instead of living actors their virtual colleagues play. They learned even to return to life the known actors (as it was with L. Olive in the film Celestial captain). Digital technologies, in experts opinion, will replace ordinary movie film till 2008.

* It is expected that the output of domestic robots will considerably (in 7 times) increase in 2007.

* Mobile telephony (end of 2004) has grown from 10 million to 100 million telephone subscribers for the last 5 years, having struck a fatal blow to wire telephony.

* Five years ago a new model Audi was created within 60 months, now within 40. From a designer project to beginning of sales of new models of clothes only three weeks pass.

* In 2003 mankind received information which equals 500 thousand libraries of the congress of the USA. Education is a perishable good. Half of knowledge of engineer becomes out-of-date for 5 years, of doctor for 7.