Viche 2007 1

1, 2007

A red wild Boar brings a luck even on the thirteenth floor

On February 17, 2007 comes year of a Red wild Boar. Personally I behaved tranquil because I try to follow the traditions, the root of which traces back to a native and ancient times. I write a stories about it,  record my own imagination on engravings. Recently three historical novels came  into the world, in particulary Secret of a diamond, Paternoster of sorcerer and Gold hoofs. Most interesting that the admirers of my works most were more interested not by works but by the secret. All that I coul I explained to that in more details  for the curious readers. And said that live on the thirteenth floor and feel happy. Then they began to ask  for me about what to expect from the year of a wild Boar.