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Viche 2012 13

Viche 13, 2012

Volodymyr Lytvyn resigned from his post of the Chairman of the Parliament

On July, 4 at the plenary session the Chairman of the Parliament Volodymyr Lytvyn stated that before then he had been invited for a meeting with the President of Ukraine, which started at 2.30 p.m. (the evening plenary session,…

Reforms are needed to be accelerated

The President appealed with the annual message to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine…

Reforms were prescribed to the Armed Forces

The participants of the parliamentary hearings On the status and development prospects of the military and security sector of Ukraine discussed how to build a modern army of the European type that will adequately react on the threats of…

Playing political poker, and there is the future of our planet at the stake , said the representative of the Greenpeace doctor Kumi Naidoo, summing up the conference "Rio +20"

Instead of this UN Secretary General Mr. Gi Moon on the eve of the Conference on sustainable development expressed his hope that the forum "will become one of the most important global gatherings of our era regarding sustainable development.…

Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Kateryna VASHCHUK: It is time to support farmer-owner

According to the opinion poll of the Razumkov Center, conducted at the beginning of 2012, to encourage the development of the agricultural production in Ukraine and in the country in general in the first place respondents named: contribution to…

Land. In whose favour reforms?

"Viche" continues the interesting conversation about the stories concerned the Law of Ukraine "On Land Market", which, as is well known, was adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine in the first reading.

Beware... of Investor

This year in April, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine stated: the session of Storozhinets city council had no authority to decide the destiny of the brick factory.

Volodymyr Yaloviy, the Deputy Head of the Parliament of Ukraine: Mykolaiv region is on the rise. Therefore it was chose to conduct offsite meeting seminar

Participants of the offsite meeting-seminar obtained a lot of useful information for themselves. Such events will be planed in the future on the basis of other regions.

Deposits protection program: minimum risks, maximum benefits

Credit unions teach clients to count money…

Subscriber Day open conversation with the readers

Traditionally every subscription period in many branches of "Ukrainian post office" bright holidays take place - Subscribers Days. Namely there publishers and readers can communicate openly, subscribe a favorite newspaper or magazine and even get a souvenir.

Oleh ZARUBINSKIY: Our grandparents should feel like American ones: to have the wish and the possibility to go to Svalbard in order to see a white bear

If the employer refuses the employment of people of pre-retirement and retirement age, he must be brought to justice. This is the idea of law draft 10486 "On Prevention of Discrimination against people of elderly age in Ukraine.

Ahead of the planet

We have the most talents andthe most drain of the chess brain This year the 20th of July was marked for the first time as the Day of chess in Ukraine.

Move of the national Euro-knight. Checkmate

Gradually getting rid of the heritage of the tunnel thinking and trying to revive (and in some sense to re-define) own values, peculiar to our country since the beginning of time, Ukraine constantly has to fight for creating its…

Failure. Maybe this is the beginning of the formation?

On June, 19, at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk the Ukraine national team conducted the final match of Euro-2012.…

Spanish are the champions of Europe!

Nothing can last forever. So on July, 1, inKiev at the NSC Olympic sounded the final whistle of the European Football Championships of 2012.

Citys promotion abroad is the best investment

The final part of the European Football Championship was held in Donetsk comfortably and safely. The Mayor Oleksandr Lukyanchenko said this to the reporters: We managed to create conditions both for visitors and for our residents.

The world got rid of fears

The European Football Championship Euro-2012 is over. And along with it the world got rid of fears about the Lion City which were tried to be inspired.

Ukrainian east, or Long live to free Ukraine from Brest to Sakhalin

Zaporizhian writer and traveler Volodymyr Suprunenko, while seeking traces of his countrymen, traveled the Eurasian continent almost 8,000 km by bicycle and 4,000 km, hitchhiking from the Ukrainian Zaporizhia to Russian Vladivostok, visiting Mongolia.

System of the international-legal acts of migration processes regulation

Considering the problems of the international legal regulation of migration processes, we should divide the regulatory structure into parts by certain criteria, in particular, to do the division based on universal and regional standards.

Social integration of Roma and social reforms

According to different estimations, around 1012 million Roma live in the world, in Ukraine 47917. Although, according to the unofficial data, there are from 120 to 400 thousand representatives of this nation in our country.

Those who bring to the light

On the eve of a professional holiday Judicial Experts Day the editorial staff of magazine Viche appealed to Oleksandr RUVINA, director of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Judicial Investigation (KSRIJI) of the Ministry of Justice of…

Valentyna KHIMICH: Advertisement of bioadditives and drugs has to be forbidden

The organized crime group which trick out money from credulous people operates in Kyiv. It sells them charmlike healings from the adenoma of prostate gland by various bioadditions.

In the service of health for 215 years

The level of any medical establishment substantially depends on the development of diagnostics in it.

The sea like a treasury of the national health

To develop the knack of growing own sea products: this theme is of current importance for us, habitants of the Black Sea regions.…

Modern from Odesaviaremservis

Two very handsome airplanes of series L-39M1 were given to the arsenal of the 7-th brigade of tactical aviation of the West air command of the Air Arms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the collective of the…

Language barricades: pages of new history

The hearings devoted to the consideration of the draft law On the principles of state language policy ( 9073) took place at the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Culture and Spirituality.…

Daily bread can stick in gizzard without spiritual bread

The speech of academician Borys OLIYNYK on the occasion of awarding him with the Gold Medal in the honour of Vernadskyi at the General meeting of the NAS of Ukraine…

Laurels for the Lavra museum

Kyiv-Pechersk historical and cultural reserve was awarded with the European museum standard certificate by the European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry (EECTCI).

The most important thing in the creative work is frankness. A complete one

This is the first interview of Oleksandr TURCHYNOV acting as a prose writer In his asset there are a psychological thriller Illusion of fear, after which the feature film with the same name was created, thrilling mystic novel Last…

Petro OSADCHUK: I have one special gene which I received form the ancestors

The known poet, publicist and public figure Petro OSADCHUK during eight deputy years has afforded to repeat oneself only in the buffet of the Verkhovna Rada.

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