Viche 2012 13

13, 2012

Failure. Maybe this is the beginning of the formation?

On June, 19, at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk the Ukraine national team conducted the final match of Euro-2012.

The future is unknown and it is the most interesting in it. The Ukrainian national team failed to enter to the quarter-final of domestic European football championship. Of course, we saw both the defeats and the victories. And also we saw that Ukraine has young and talented football players who can and want to play, not sparing themselves to defend the honor of the motherland. In one of the comments the head coach of the national team Oleg Blokhin said that now a new team is creating. There are many young people, and it is not always stable. However the tutor of the blue-yellows is confident that in the future Ukraine will have a very strong football team!