Журнал Viche 2012 №13

№13, 2012

The sea like a treasury of the national health

To develop the knack of growing own sea products: this theme is of current importance for us, habitants of the Black Sea regions.

The potentialities of Ukraine which has the prolonged enough sea border give the possibility both to feed plenty the population of the state with seafood, and to export mussels, oysters, conch shells, and fish. According to the scientists, the annual volume of seafood market in Crimea exceeds 140 000 tons. Real figure of production as of today is 7200 tons.

What will be changed in the seafood production and growing industry – this and other questions were addressed by the correspondent of magazine “Viche” to Oksana VYALOVA, the Chairman of the Management Board of cluster “Sea Products”, candidate of biological sciences, senior research worker of the Institute of Biology of the South Seas of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.