Viche 2012 13

13, 2012

Volodymyr Yaloviy, the Deputy Head of the Parliament of Ukraine: Mykolaiv region is on the rise. Therefore it was chose to conduct offsite meeting seminar

Participants of the offsite meeting-seminar obtained a lot of useful information for themselves. Such events will be planed in the future on the basis of other regions. This will give the opportunity both to find out more about the work in the field directly, but also to share experience, to implement best forms and methods of work in other regions.

All territories have the same problems but achievements are different

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the basis of Mykolaiv region hold the offsite meeting-seminar of the heads of the secretariats (executive secretaries) of the Parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the executive authorities of  regions, Kyiv and Sevastopol city councils. Volodymyr Yaloviy, the Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, chaired the meeting.

Oleksiy NESKOROMNIY, the Sector Head of the Administration of the local authorities and local authorities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Mining plants cost money

Local governments of Mykolaiv region now include 333 councils, including regional, 19 district councils, 9 city councils, 287 rural councils, 17 settlement councils, to the structure of which nearly 6,000 deputies were elected. Without exaggeration it is a powerful force, which is capable together with the government authorities to solve an absolute majority of the problems of local communities of the region.

Volodymyr PASHCHENKO, the first Deputy Head of the Mykolayiv Regional Council of Micro projects of the Macro efficiency

Micro projects of the Macro efficiency

I would like to emphasize that in our region the conducting of the contests regarding micro projects of the local development Environmentally safe settlement was first introduced. For this purpose we put almost 1 million UAH into the budget in 2011. In addition, we began to involve local communities into the joint co-financing of the certain micro projects, including repair of buildings, playgrounds building, street lighting etc. Summing up the results we realized that the practice was not misleading.

Yevhen ZAKHAREVYCH, the chief executive of the Lviv regional council Less gab and more action

Less gab and more action

The executive authority of Luhansk regional council has been a legal entity for 12 years consecutively. Therefore, during each revision, there have been five over recent years, the inspectors of the different level keep us as they say up, train irrespective of changes of the government. Every time they write in the audit acts that we did wrong, that the executive authority can not be a legal entity. But, after all, the Budget Code of Ukraine judged us.

Oleksandr PASHENTSEV, thehead of the Secretariat of the executive authority of Luhansk regional council

We say optimization but understand cuts?

The right of local governments to determine the structure and staff number of its own executive authorities and apparatus is being declared by the European Charter of the local self-government: Without detriment for more general statutory provisions, local authorities can determine their own internal administrative structures, taking into account local needs and necessity to provide effective management.

Danylo YAKOVLEV, the Head of the executive authority of Zaporizhya regional council