Viche 2012 13

13, 2012

Move of the national Euro-knight. Checkmate

Gradually getting rid of the heritage of the tunnel thinking and trying to revive (and in some sense to re-define) own values, peculiar to our country since the beginning of time, Ukraine constantly has to fight for creating its own positive image, to do things which will help the entire nation to enter the global community on terms of equal rights, mutual understanding and respect. Sadly, very often such painstaking work that requires professional steps in the world information space for "promotion" of Ukrainian brand and realization of the image strategy of the state, undergoes very rapid and, most importantly, powerful IT attacks from outside, which, nowadays, unfortunately, Ukraine is simply unable to reflect timely and effectively. And the reason for de facto is not because of inactivity or apathy of domestic PR-managers, unwillingness of the authorities to gain "pluses" in its favor before the world community or to improve hopelessly negative image situation in all spheres of public life. The trick is that Ukraine always becomes the object of the information aggression; because now the foreign policy component of official Kyiv and its numerous facets (placed on all sides of the horizon) created the situation when even sport became the hostage of the bureaucratic peripetias.