Viche 2012 13

13, 2012

Social integration of Roma and social reforms

According to different estimations, around 1012 million Roma live in the world, in Ukraine 47917. Although, according to the unofficial data, there are from 120 to 400 thousand representatives of this nation in our country. Unfortunately, peculiarities of Romas everyday life and their specific tradition often are not supported by the local people. It results in that those less integrated Roma suffer discrimination and are treated indifferently. For these reasons a lot of them stay uneducated and unemployed, live in extreme poverty, suffer morbidity, homelessness and criminality, Oleh ZAYCHUK, the first deputy director of the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine marked, while opening the meeting of participants of scientific and practical conference Strasbourg Declaration on Roma: implementation in the context of democratic reforms in Ukraine.