Viche 2008 21

Viche 21, 2008

Sometimes money costs too much

The adoption of the concerted Law About primary measures in relation to prevention of negative consequences of the financial crisis and about bringing of changes into some legislative acts of Ukraine by the Verkhovna Rada became the sum up…

EH right and traps

The recklessly-loud background of reading of drama Modern death.

World crisis: test on maturity of the Ukrainian economy

The world economic crisis, first signs of which were already traced for attentive analysts three years ago, certainly will result in worsening of indexes of national economy in Ukraine.

My dear Motherland, my golden land!

We have at last waited till the conducting of the land auctions is gathering pace.

Next legislation about judicial system, or the plan of complete corruptibility of the judicial system of Ukraine

Significance of the judicial system of every country doesnt exist within the limits of the notion judicial power.

Political party and its social base

Quite often a politician appears in the position of a knight before a fatal stone: if you go to the right you will lose your horse, to the left you will lose life.

Application of electoral legislation of Ukraine: monitoring of efficiency

Recently considerable amount of amendments and supplements have been brought into the legislative acts.

Participation of citizens in the process of law creation by means of referendum: essence and problems of realization

It should be certified that now carrying out of constitutional and legislative referendums in our state is impossible for lack of base law which could provide the proper realization of regulations of the Constitution of Ukraine concerning referendums, including…

Institutional bases of adjusting of national innovative systems

The mechanism of innovative processes of economic development and state adjusting of the innovative sphere is explored in the article; the measures on the improvement of innovative policy of the state are suggested.…

Local self-government: vectors of reformation under the conditions of democratization of Ukrainian civil society

Local self-government is one of major pre-conditions of democratic development of Ukrainian civil society, the factor of efficiency of self-identification and self-consciousness of commonness of interests and necessities of free territorial societies.…