Журнал Viche 2008 №21

№21, 2008

Institutional bases of adjusting of national innovative systems

The mechanism of innovative processes of economic development and state adjusting of the innovative sphere is explored in the article; the measures on the improvement of innovative policy of the state are suggested.

Recently the tendency to create intergovernmental networks of innovative activity has been marked, European business-network is taking the first place in it. European network of business- and innovative centers is the international noncommercial organization. European community and the group of industrialists founded it in 1984. It consists of national networks and is one of major elements of the integrated European innovative system. Till 2000 over 200 organizations had entered the membership of the network, in particular 150 business-innovative centers located in 21 countries of Europe, and also China, the USA, South America and others. Dynamic innovative development and economy growing on the basis of the renewed infrastructure are to be carried out on the background of perfection of state management in scientific, technical and innovative spheres. The innovations in the process control system of public development are the way to the increase of efficiency of state policy on the whole.