Журнал Viche 2008 №21

№21, 2008

Participation of citizens in the process of law creation by means of referendum: essence and problems of realization

It should be certified that now carrying out of constitutional and legislative referendums in our state is impossible for lack of base law which could provide the proper realization of regulations of the Constitution of Ukraine concerning referendums, including those, the subject of which is the law. The necessity of initiation and leading of existent legislation of Ukraine on the questions of referendums in accordance with the norms of the operating Constitution are also marked in the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine № 6 from April, 16, 2008 in the case of the constitutional offer of the President of Ukraine about official interpretation of regulations of the second and the third parts article 5, article 69, the second part article 72, article 74, the second part article 94, the first part article 156 of the Constitution of Ukraine (the case about the adoption of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine at a referendum).