Viche 2008 21

21, 2008

EH right and traps

The recklessly-loud background of reading of drama Modern death. The end of humanity by Carl-Henning Wijkmark (Foreign literature, 5/2008) makes me generate seditious thought: has meanwhile the embodiment of frightful scenario about Swedish ideology which has other name the art of the social engineering begun? In the concluding remarks to the Russian translation the author calls his drama written yet in 1978 the satire on it. What does he have against Swedish socialism? On the whole he has nothing, except for the sick rationalization activity and the real threat of refutation of the formula: economy is forbidden to manage morality. The scientific symposium devoted to the The end of humanity EH is conducted. This is a kind of a project group within the framework of the Ministry of health and social security which deals with people who are at deaths door. And the Swedish scientific beau-monde discusses there how to suggest to the public the realized necessity to write the application about the desire to give soul to God at certain age, because, say, all are born at the same age and all look the same, and for the sake of social justice - it is a high purpose! All are to concede the access to the use of world goods to the next generations. This is, saying, fair and advantageous for everybody, this is the democracy of death. And death lethal injection is to be put on production line and become profitable. When you are reading Wijkmarks satire now, presented recipes of overcoming of crisis, of that time in 80s, involuntarily cause suspicion in their application by someone already today, and if not then tomorrow. Here are some satiric thoughts. Compare with today's rhetoric. A cold shiver runs down one's spine. The social-economic values have begun to play an important role for carrying out of necessary reform. Seventy five percent of charges go to hospitals where people stay for a long time and to the treatment of hopeless cases. There is more or less strong dissatisfaction among twenty five percent of population at reproductive age pay these charges from their pocket, but this dissatisfaction is stoppled up with two gags at once. And one of them is called a universal suffrage and it makes politicians keep silent: old men save their voting right even at one hundred years old, and no party can afford itself a luxury to lose two million electors. The second gag is an ancient taboo which is named reverence before human life and which makes everyone keep silent. And now, when the state of economy has become critical, the explosive growth of number of old men is on hand. Roughly speaking, we have to increase a death rate more quickly. But how?. And what conclusion do we come to? To such that nothing should be done (the way, however, it takes place) in order to prolong life of these creatures. Therefore the informing of society must carry the character of communiqu? instead of dialog. Think of those sixty milliards of tax facilities which are annually spent on hospitals where people stay for a long time and pensions. They could have saved the export and employment. It has the smell of hunger and fascism. We have undergone it, we must not lose memory. So that those who adhere EH did not think their power is the right. Even when the depth of crisis actually excels our imagination. The known metallurgist Vadym Mykolayovych Hurov, when I specified the amount of the stopped blast-furnaces, said: It reminds me the year 1941, when fascists already bombed Kyiv, and we could not realize that it was a war, that it was not some joke, and we still sang and danced. The Prime Minister has just conducted two large conferences with metallurgists. Yes, presently the government tries to do everything so that metallurgical industry had the sale of the products in the internal market, in construction. So that everything was in a whirl and didnt stop. We all have to work for that. Yes, indeed. That is why we have to move away pre-election rhetoric. To say itself: there will be no elections. And there is no need to advertise one when the situation reminds the year 1941.