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Viche 2008 21

21, 2008

Application of electoral legislation of Ukraine: monitoring of efficiency

Recently considerable amount of amendments and supplements have been brought into the legislative acts. 7 additional laws have been adopted to the Law of Ukraine About elections of folk deputies of Ukraine; 1 - to the Law of Ukraine About elections of the President of Ukraine; 7 - to the Law of Ukraine About elections of deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Autonomous Republic Crimea, local councils and rural, settlement and city heads. To our opinion, one can improve the efficiency of electoral legislation in Ukraine not by the traditional way of filling of current legislation with separate norms, but by applying complex approach that will give possibility to unify its position and bring the legislation to conformity with world standards and basic democratic principles fastened in the Constitution. It is desirable to set uniform norms to the current electoral legislation, which would foresee the providing with unique methodical materials, making of which is laid on the Central selection committee, on every member of the selection committee, on official representative and observer, and in the case of making of such materials by the participants of electoral races, it should be allowed to distribute only those tested by the Central selection committee not only in accordance with the positions of current legislation but also the absence of some recommendations concerning possible falsifications of elections in such materials.