Viche 2008 21

21, 2008

Political party and its social base

Quite often a politician appears in the position of a knight before a fatal stone: if you go to the right you will lose your horse, to the left you will lose life. It happens that at that moment this politician is non-party yet. Then he can make historical decision: to create a party. And it happens so that the man already has a party. But there are unkind suppositions in connection with, for example, quite sectarian essence of its party institute. What should he do? In all cases foremost it is needed to understand what political party is. Having understood we will have a chance to create real, strong and even invincible organization. We do not understand that we will have everything, but a party. We will spend resource on a million, and we will have result on a coin.

So what is political party? First of all it is necessary to learn to distinguish political organizations from nonpolitical, that is public. For this purpose at least four criteria will be used. First. Criterion of orientation on the rule. Second. Organizational criterion shows on the whole how the internal life of organization takes place, which tendency - centralization or decentralization is exhibited. Third. Criterion of political functionality of organization specifies the amount of its members. Finally, the fourth criterion is the social structure of organization. Notwithstanding all complications of transition to post- industrialism in Ukraine, the process of formation of new social groups takes place and even quickly enough. Political parties can stimulate this process, if they aim not simply to get the greatest percent at elections, but also to protect the real interests of people. Only in this case they will have a chance, finally, to take the deserving seat in the society and stop being an article of trade that is sold once per four years at electoral areas together with yoghurts and pasties.