Viche 2008 21

21, 2008

My dear Motherland, my golden land!

We have at last waited till the conducting of the land auctions is gathering pace. And today we can say that the relations between a salesman and a buyer of the most expensive commodity at the market of real estate are becoming all more stable and more perfect in the professional sense. Every time the amount of people willing to take participation in auctions grows, but they dont always succeed to achieve their aim because the organizers of auctions have lack of experience.

As to personnel I can assure that today there are enough land surveyors, geodesists, land estimators. But the question is different - how much are these people professionally prepared, responsible and qualified? Personal experience prompts that worthy salary stimulates a specialist to study and to work well. And it is extremely necessary. It is not a dealer comes to the market, but a demanding investor with large and attractive plans. Before participating in auction he captiously weighs his every step. And its clear he isnt going to waste his money. He is not satisfied just with the visibility of guarantees; he has large possibilities in order to check carefully all suggestions. Accordingly salespeople under present conditions must have a serious luggage of knowledge and have the sincere desire to be engaged in the business creatively and responsibly.