Viche 2010 5

Viche 5, 2010

President of Ukraine Victor YANYKOVYCH: I know What and How to Do

On February, 25 the newly elected President Victor Yanukovych, having put his hand on the Constitution and Peresopske Gospel, took an oath to the Ukrainian people at the solemn meeting of the Verkhovna Rada and signed it.

Counteraction to Virus or Canons of Health Protection System?

(Analysis of political answer on the distribution of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine) The health protection system, which was inherited almost two decades ago by Ukraine from the former Union, was formed in the conditions of the centralized management of…

Experience of Social and Economic Changes in Small European Countries

Presently in Europe there are substantial works in spheres of development of democracy, integration, social and economic innovations are being implemented. And small countries both continental and island participate in these processes.

History of Ukrainian Constitutionalism: from Social and Political Ideals to Creation of Effective Institutes

Ukrainian Constitution as a main document that regulates principles and organization of democracy, co-operations of authority institutions, society and citizens, and also describes the rules of functioning of the economic, political, social systems, has a comparably short history.

Ukraine in Europe: Experience of Scientific Cognition*

* Review on monograph: Ukraine in Europe: Searches of Common Future / under the editorship of A. I. Kudryachenko. .: Phoenix, 2009. 544 p.…

Local Self-Rescuing

Local government bodies will block the nearest elections to the local councils if no amendments are made to the electoral legislation.

Gasda Makes Weather in House

Habitants of house 14 in Kopernyka Str. in Rivne gathered together at the general meeting of united joint owners solemnly called Gasda.

When King doesnt Rule but Unites

Train station Chop is western gates of Ukraine, important transport node at the boundary with Hungary and Slovakia. When fellow country man comes there, he is always asked: Tell me how is there in Ukraine?.

Most Comfortable City is Still Odesa

According to the conclusion made by analytic and research center Institute of City (director is Oleksandr Sergiyenko) which is grounded on statistic data from official sources of the State Committee of Statistics and local bodies of statistics, Odesa is…

Plastic Topic: Model for Collecting

Great Sculpture Saloon was opened in capital Ukrainian House.