Viche 2010 5

5, 2010

Ukraine in Europe: Experience of Scientific Cognition*

* Review on monograph: Ukraine in Europe: Searches of Common Future / under the editorship of A. I. Kudryachenko. .: Phoenix, 2009. 544 p.

Monograph Ukraine in Europe: Searches of Common Future should relate quite appropriately to the works of such kind. Attentive acquaintance with the text certifies: this is a noticeable scientific work in the field of comprehension of development of Ukraine in the past. The monograph exposes also the problems of entrance of our state to the modern days, its establishment in the circle of the European states and people. The publishing of this solid work is the result of fruitful collaboration of specialists of the Institute of European researches of the National Academy of Ukraine with the research workers of other academic establishments, research centers and higher educational establishments. Careful study, deep analysis, research of mentioned problems and approbation of results at round table meetings preceded the preparation and the publishing of the book.