Viche 2010 5

5, 2010

When King doesnt Rule but Unites

Train station Chop is western gates of Ukraine, important transport node at the boundary with Hungary and Slovakia. When fellow country man comes there, he is always asked: Tell me how is there in Ukraine?. Citizens of Chop feel to be so far from Ukrainian society. Such situation appeared already at the Soviet Union times: Chop station was a secure object. The entrance to Chop was allowed only due to special pass-ticket. And annually up to 60 million tons of load went through the station. Territory of Chop is like a big station: land is cut with tracks and roads of international connection. The city, however, has never had its general plan of development.
In spite of that, recently Chop is being changed noticeably, its becoming more homelike, and as possible as it can be it is becoming more comfortable for living of eight thousand society. In 2003 Chop received the status of city of region significance. Citizens think it is the merit of city mayor Galyna Tsar.

Larysa Marchuk