Журнал Viche 2010 №5

№5, 2010

Counteraction to Virus or Canons of Health Protection System?

(Analysis of political answer on the distribution of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine)

The health protection system, which was inherited almost two decades ago by Ukraine from the former Union, was formed in the conditions of the centralized management of the industry. It was based on socialistic principles – social justice, social equality and collectivism.

It is worth admitting that the model of health protection, peculiar to Ukraine, does not correspond with modern realities. From one side, with economic ones. The market relations cast doubt on generality and universality of free of charge medicine, mechanisms of financing of industry and certain medical establishments. Consequently, right on free medical and other services in the field of health protection has become declarative. As far as most patients, in accordance with the information from questioning, had to pay for these services [1]. From other side, new professional conception “public health” has become evident; it examines health protection as a complex phenomenon that has more than just influence on medical establishments [9]. According to new approaches, the policy of health protection has to foresee planned and unplanned actions of state, private and public organizations, which have effect on the state of health of population which has not only physical but also psychological and social measurements [12]. In practice it means the doctors lose their monopoly on health protection and confession of the system of delivering of medical services as an intermediate element in the provision of quality of life of population.