Viche 2010 5

5, 2010

President of Ukraine Victor YANYKOVYCH: I know What and How to Do

On February, 25 the newly elected President Victor Yanukovych, having put his hand on the Constitution and Peresopske Gospel, took an oath to the Ukrainian people at the solemn meeting of the Verkhovna Rada and signed it. The Chairman of the Constitutional Court Andriy Stryzhak presented him official symbols of power Sign of the President, coat of arms seal and mace, and the Head of the Central Election Committee Volodymyr Shapoval presented the identity document of country's Leader. Only after having put the document to the internal pocket of the jacket, V. Yanukovych let himself to smile widely.

During the visit to Brussels on March, 1, 2010 the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych marked: introduction of non-visa regime between our state and the EU is a priority of foreign policy of Ukraine.

In order the EU could make a decision to  abolish visas, Kyiv has to create unique state body on the questions of migration and regulate its work, and also reform the system of making and accounting of foreign passports. In addition, earlier Brussels required demarcation of all perimeter of the state boundary. But the Ukrainian diplomats are sure that visa abolition is possible before the completion of demarcation works. But even if all tasks are executed till the end of current year, the European Commission will not be able to make decision independently about the visa abolition, as far as it has to be  ratified by the parliaments of all 27 countriesmembers of the EU.


On February, 26 the newly-appointed deputy of Head of the Presidential Administration Iryna Akimova on the air of TV channel Inter declared: 

As far as customs union contradicts straightly and will complicate the membership of Ukraine in the World Trade Organization to a great extent, this question can not remain today, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. 

Yuliya Tsyrfa