Журнал Viche 2010 №5

№5, 2010

Experience of Social and Economic Changes in Small European Countries

Presently in Europe there are substantial works in spheres of development of democracy, integration, social and economic innovations are being implemented. And small countries both continental and island participate in these processes. Among island countries there are Iceland, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus. Separately appear the following: between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea there is Portugal; in the north of Europe there is Finland, Sweden and Norway, to which after historical and geographical signs Denmark should relate.

Famous term “Swedish model” characterizes the experience of solving social questions in Scandinavian countries. Average revenues per one person in these countries are commensurably higher if to compare with the indexes in the most developed states. In Denmark, for example, production of electric power due to wind turbines covers almost 20 percent of its national necessities.