Журнал Viche 2010 №5

№5, 2010

History of Ukrainian Constitutionalism: from Social and Political Ideals to Creation of Effective Institutes

Ukrainian Constitution as a main document that regulates principles and organization of democracy, co-operations of authority institutions, society and citizens, and also describes the rules of functioning of the economic, political, social systems, has a comparably short history. In addition, during almost fourteen years since the adoption of the Constitution of independent Ukraine it has already been amended. However, the history of Ukrainian constitutionalism which contains separate pages of intellectual searches of strategic course of the Ukrainian state and attempt to develop and ground its own constitutional model, and concrete examples of adoption of constitutions and constitutional acts etc., reaches already several centuries.

Detailed professional work of the candidate of historical sciences M. Tomenko is devoted to the questions of forming of strategic bases of the Ukrainian state during history of our people and in general the territories of modern Ukraine, to the searches of the Ukrainian elite of own model of development, bases of the social, political and economic systems. The work contains political science analysis of constitutional processes where one of the most interesting modern conceptions of political constitutionalism is offered.

Yuriy Shaygorodskyi