Viche 2010 5

5, 2010

Plastic Topic: Model for Collecting

Great Sculpture Saloon was opened in capital Ukrainian House. It the forth one already

Puzzle two: Gregor Kruk (1911-1988), whose nationality is Ukrainian, is almost unknown in Ukraine. His 25 works at the exhibition the surprise from organizers. Yet in December Nataliya Zabolotna reveled to our magazine a secret about this present to the viewers: he was found by her in the center of Europe, he is recognized by Europe, he is the native of Stanislavshchyna who finished his way in Munich.

One more hero of the past Demetr Chyparus (1886-1988). His plastic miracles came from the collection of Igor Voronov. And at the same time from the splendid epoch of art-deco rule. The hall is wrapped in fearsome tempting spirit: global admiration from the East to Egypt, Russian seasons, tango-cocaine, eminent dancers, balancing at the edge of morality, cult of beauty and refinement Statuettes made of bronze or gold and ivory our exciting and amazing dreams.