Viche 2009 13

Viche 13, 2009

About Solitude, Order and Renaissance

Unity is good, enmity is evil. Any Ukrainian brought up on values of provincial and colonial culture is convinced in it. But the decades of sovereignty seem to let know about them.

Volodymyr SHAPOVAL: Today It is Impossible to Change the Constitution without the Parliament

The Basic Law had to be created for ever and a day. Ukraine manages in a few years to play the constitutional dramatic effect which other countries passed for ages.

Signal about Possibility to Fight against Corruption

Question concerning the fight against corruption, prevention of its displays and inhibition of its development is the old problem of not only Ukraine but also other, in particular economically developed with the high level of democracy countries.

Tender Chamber 2?

An outstanding polemic developed round two bills which were offered to reformat the system of valuation activity in Ukraine, About regulation of valuation activity in Ukraine (register 4487 from 15.05.2009, the author is folk deputy K.

Winners are more Impoverished than Losers

On Junes, 3 parliamentary hearings About public, medical and pension welfare of veterans of the war and commemoration of the 65-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 19411945 chaired by Volodymyr Lytvyn took place in the Verkhovna…

Country of Small Affairs

During the world crisis the necessity of review of theory and practice of development of every state, its industries and enterprises becomes of current importance.

Are there Problems with Provision of Equality? To Get Experience Go to Bulgaria!

The theme of tolerance in any case appears before every country. But far not all of them hurry to fulfill the General Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948.

European Parliament. Together for the Seventh Time

30 years ago, on June, 10, 1979, the first direct elections to the European Parliament took place.

Westminster in the Verkhovna Rada

On June, 1819 seminar Activity of Modern European Parliament: Practice, Experience, Problems took place in the Verkhovna Rada.

Constitutional and Legal Forms of Lobbying in the Law Creation Process of Great Britain

Based on age-old legal traditions and customs British constitutionalism together with unwritten Constitution, unique parliamentary procedures and impressive civilized co-operation between power and opposition can be a good example for Ukraine as for borrowing constitutional and legal mechanisms of…

Labour and Capital: their Role in Overcoming of Recession in Ukraine in the Modern Context of Globalization

Instead of introduction   Labour and capital are economic categories. Their influence on the development of society was known long time ago, since the time of appearance and development of economic modes in the world.

Political and Economical Interests of Intellectual People: Modern Accents

XX century has become unprecedented in the history of humanity due to quick technological growth, transformation of science directly to the productive force, creation and usage of innovations as of a decisive factor of public progress.

Language and Nation as Important Factors of Safety of the State

Considerable part of events which took place in the world during the last decades was connected with the disintegration of some state creations.