Viche 2009 13

13, 2009

About Solitude, Order and Renaissance

Unity is good, enmity is evil. Any Ukrainian brought up on values of provincial and colonial culture is convinced in it. But the decades of sovereignty seem to let know about them. The whole spring known politicians both confirmed and refuted the information that BYUT and PR conducted separate negotiations. But what a surprise: the sociological questioning certified that most citizens have a very negative attitude to such union.

Every high politician, taking the microphone, called to unity before the threat of economic crisis. Every citizen grumbled: there, above, fight. But people didnt bless the union between declared opponents. Neither defacement of Victor Yanukovych, nor excessive sticktoitiveness  of Yuliya Tymoshenko, nor even the anathema to such unity that Victor Yushchenko expressed, ruined deep political patience. Cards were mixed up by public we wont let. And that is a positive symptom. People who say about themselves with the words of Yevhen Pluzhnyk we are small, so small, however, have some strength in this country. They are at least taken into account on the eve of presidential elections. As a result on June, 7, on the day of the birth of Christian Church, Victor Yanukovych came forward with the announce: there will be no unions with BYUT. Of course, he used many synonyms and comparisons which characterized the ruling party, but the main point of speech was laconic. Status quo is observed: BYUT will continue floundering in the cuddles of financial crisis, PR will watch, leaning on a spade in the pose of a grave-digger.