Viche 2009 13

13, 2009

Are there Problems with Provision of Equality? To Get Experience Go to Bulgaria!

The theme of tolerance in any case appears before every country. But far not all of them hurry to fulfill the General Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948. In some parts of the world the declaration appeared to be not quite acceptable for religious, traditional and legal, community and family and other reasons, and also because of peculiarities of judicial systems and traditions.

Fundamental principles of defence of human rights are provided in the norms of the European legislation. Recently the EU pays outstanding attention to the questions of counteraction to discrimination and provision of equal possibilities for people. In order to solve these tasks the number of documents, the most famous from which is the Directive of the European Council 2000/43/EU about the principle of equal attitude toward all people regardless of their racial or ethnic belonging was accepted. Today this Directive, actually, is a part of legislation worked out by the European community. Since 2000 the EU requires from candidates who join the introduction of the standards in the national legislation and their practical implementation offered by this document. Ukraine which aims to integrate into the European community has to adapt the legislation and judicial practice to the requirements of the Directive of 2000/43/EU and the Directive of 2000/78/EU about equality in the sphere of employment.