Viche 2009 13

13, 2009

Tender Chamber 2?

An outstanding polemic developed round two bills which were offered to reformat the system of valuation activity in Ukraine, About regulation of valuation activity in Ukraine (register 4487 from 15.05.2009, the author is folk deputy K. Kulykov) and new release of the Law On the valuation of property, property rights and professional valuation activity in Ukraine (register 4487-1 from 25.05.2009, it was brought in by the folk deputies O. Bondar, K. Vashchuk, O.Plotnikov, V. Pysarenko).

State committee of Ukraine on the land resources, the Fund of Government Property and civil organizations which unite valuers showed a united front against the offered innovations. They call the bills worked out by folk deputies corporate raid which deprives governmental authorities of plenary powers provided by the legislative and normative acts of different levels. These functions, they say, will be passed to the unknown structure, and present specialists are pushed aside from valuation activity. Reform in the sphere of valuation market everyone unanimously compares with the corruption pattern of activity of the Tender chamber, which was exposed with loud scandal.