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Viche 2015 №14

Viche №14, 2015

Budapest Memorandum as the international agreement which is obligatory for implementation by its guarantors

There is a number of legal proofs of that the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 is a running international agreement for its party-signers (guarantors of independence and inviolability of the boundaries of Ukraine), obligatory for implementation.

Reform of higher education in Ukraine as an insuperable issue

The article is devoted to the issues of reform of higher education: the principles of transfer to the creative higher education and alternative methods of teaching are offered.

Legal status of a child is terms of criminal and legal defense of childhood

Question about legal status of a child is considered. National and international legislations which regulate criminal and legal defense of a child are analyzed.

Federalism as a technology of separatism in Ukraine

The author considers phenomenon of separatism in Ukraine as a technology of pressure on the Ukrainian government from the side of Kremlin and as a technology of disintegration and force to create the unacceptable for our state system of…

Regional policy of Ukraine: state of affairs and prospective

Current legislation of Ukraine on the regional policy is analyzed in the article. In particular, its weaknesses in the context of decentralization reform in the country are specified.

Rural community’s right to the land in the context of administrativeterritorial reform

One of the main tasks of decentralization reform is strengthening of the role of territorial communities with granting them the right to dispose the land which is within the limits of their settlements and beyond.

Decentralized and regionalized unitarianism as the new forms of political system

Such classic forms of the political system like unitarianism, federalism and confederalizm are considered based on the examples of different countries of the world.

Ethnic political conflict (hybrid war in the East of Ukraine) as a result of regional ethnic national policy

The author considers that the pre-condition and one of the reasons for the annexation of Crimea and present war in the East of Ukraine are the misjudgment in ethnic national policy which was conducted, though, but during all years…