Viche 2015 14

14, 2015

Ethnic political conflict (hybrid war in the East of Ukraine) as a result of regional ethnic national policy

The author considers that the pre-condition and one of the reasons for the annexation of Crimea and present war in the East of Ukraine are the misjudgment in ethnic national policy which was conducted, though, but during all years of independence faced obstacles and did not respond to threats and clear displays of disintegration tendencies.
The author reviews the hybrid war from the side of the RF against Ukraine as an approbation of 'the newest mechanism' of disintegration of the independent state through the informative attack and propaganda, blackmail of federalization, provocation of separatism, and support of terrorism, and also occupation of part of the territory of the sovereign country.
Keywords: ethnic policy, national security, ethnic minorities, regional ethnic policy, territorial integrity, hybrid war, destabilization.


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