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Viche 2014 22

Viche 22, 2014

Reform of Legislation on Elections of the Peoples Deputies of Ukraine as a Priority Area of the Parliaments Activities

Problems of reform of the current legislation on elections of the peoples deputies of Ukraine to have taken place in 2014 are explored. Axiological aspects of elections as a fundamental form of direct popular rule are studied.

Information Security of the Law Enforcement Officers Activities

The concept and nature of information security of the law enforcement authorities are determined. The importance of providing an adequate protection of information while carrying out activities of the law enforcement authorities is justified.

Revisiting the Issue on Innovative Renewal of Ukraine

Issues on innovative renewal of Ukraine on the basis of widespread implementation of information and communication technologies are considered.

Possible Vectors of Democratization of Ukraine in the Context of Modern Challenges

Possible vectors of democratization of Ukraine while correlating modern challenges with theoretical exploration of the above-mentioned process are analyzed.

The Schengen Acquis and Ukraine

Legal analysis of main directions of cooperation between the EU Member States and third countries within the Schengen Area is provided.